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Netgear Arlo


Arlo: The #1 Smart Home Camera

Security cameras don't have to be intrusive and ominous. Netgear’s Arlo is a friendly wi-fi camera with no strings attached, allowing it to monitor indoors and outdoors. 


Industrial Design 

Smart Home  |  Consumer Technology



quality and style

Netgear approached Enlisted to create a design language that fits seamlessly into today’s connected home. Arlo's design is more homeware than tech – friendly, beautiful, and simple. 




Concepting phases explored various shapes, colors, and materials that would suit the home environment. Rounded edges, smooth finishes, and design detailing evoked the feelings of quality, style, and peace of mind. 

Function was a crucial aspect to ensure consumers could install the device easily. After prototyping and testing, a swivel magnetic device was selected.

Arlo cameras don’t rely on proximity to a wired power source and are easily ported to different locations, making them the first truly modular and renter-friendly solution. With no unsightly power cords, Arlo is perfect for use in any home, office, or commercial space. The weatherproof construction, infrared capabilities, and smart motion sensor allow users to keep watch seamlessly.

The previous Arlo generations were met with incredible demand and success, and since then, Enlisted and Netgear have worked together to launch a new generation, Arlo Pro. Optimized to include a rechargeable battery and a wider lens, this design allows users to monitor their homes from all angles. 



partnership success

Enlisted and Netgear have collaborated on dozens of products together. Our ten-year partnership has generated numerous category-leading and award-winning products.


"Beau and his Enlisted team have become indispensable development partners to our product design team. For 10 years we’ve been highly successful in developing dozens of market changing and award-winning products. Beau and his team are fanatically passionate about the design process from the big picture concept development down to the finest design detail of the product. The results are products that are elegant, easy to use, and engaging."

John Ramones, Netgear Director of Product Development