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AMES: Rediscovering the Tools That Built America

As the third oldest company in America, AMES embodies American heritage and the spirit of hard work, passion, and quality. Starting with a single shovel, AMES now offers a full range of construction landscaping products.


Brand Strategy  |  Brand Identity  |  Industrial Design  |  Photography



celebrating heritage

AMES came to Enlisted to rediscover and revitalize the visual system for its family of brands: AMES, Jackson, Razorback, True American, and True Temper. 



american classic 

Enlisted identified opportunities to better target consumer segments and proposed a restructuring and consolidation of the sub-brands, each with its own story but all unified by a classic American brand platform.

It was determined that the brand family should evoke a sense of durability and masculinity, while celebrating heritage and maintaining relevance. 

A new brand language was developed for each of the five brands. This included logos, typeface systems, and product label designs. Extending the language to product, we developed tool form factors and branding details such as patterns, roughened finished, and revised color palettes. The totality of the work spanned multiple product lines and more than 600 models. Extensive brand guidelines were developed to support a global launch and ongoing brand management. 


largest vendor contract with home depot

After launch, AMES was awarded the largest vendor contract in Home Depot history, boosting AMES brand visibility and growing sales by more than 35%.


“We chose Enlisted due to their collaborative process, creative minds, and passion for excellence. Our brands and our company are now clearly defined, giving consistency, impact, and the right positioning in the market. The partnership that was formed between Enlisted and AMES established a new benchmark by which we measure all other key suppliers.”

Eric Bernstein AMES VP of Marketing