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Fellow: Ridiculously Good Coffee, Right From Home

Fellow approached Enlisted to design a brand and initial hero products, conveying the personality of its creators who are serious about coffee but not too serious about themselves.


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the perfect cup

With many coffee products on the market, the challenge was to target consumers who appreciated high-end coffee brewing products and taste but had not yet found the sweet spot between ease and speed.



dynamic duo

Fellow's initial offering, Duo, combines the best features of the French press and the pour over into a dual chamber coffee steeper. Much like the French press, Duo’s brewing chamber lets coffee grounds brew in hot water while the double filter ensures a clean pour with no coffee grounds in your cup. While maintaining the crispness of a pour over, Duo eliminates the tedious, manual process involved with that method.

Enlisted crafted a quirky brand identity and played an integral part in the Kickstarter campaign that gained more than 2,000 backers and raised over $193,000 through fun videos and smart messaging. 

Since then, Enlisted and Fellow designed Joey, a double-walled ceramic and copper mug. With these two products, Enlisted established a visual design language that would inform the look and feel of a long line of Fellow products to come.


instant success

Since its launch, Duo has been picked up for mass distribution throughout the US market. What first started as a crowdfunded Kickstarter project has now evolved into a family of coffee products that make it easy to brew ridiculously good coffee at home.