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Holdland: Crafted for Creators

Travel photographer Bradley Devine approached Enlisted to create a soft goods brand with unrivaled style and utility.  


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Holdland logo


gear that gets it

Most photography gear sacrifices aesthetics for function and is lacking in tactile and visual appeal. The Holdland Original delivers pro-level performance as a crave-worthy pack that is innovative, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Holdland moodboard
Holdland logo sketches


made for movement and for the moment

We designed for active use scenarios, prioritizing customizable storage layouts and quick access to contents. Ample storage compartments adjust to fit and protect accessories, clothing, and personal items in all weather conditions. The water bottle pockets double as tripod or lens holsters.

Holdland backpack closed
Holdland backpack detail front
Holdland backpack detail side
Holdland backpack in use photographer
Holdland backpack hipbelt opening
Holdland backpack detail front with lenses

The greatest innovation is the hip belt which provides weight distribution for long hauls, but can be removed to become a standalone holster accessory; perfect for dynamic shooting environments where quick changes are critical.

The logo mark is simultaneously robust and refined; two disparate forms, solid and fluid, layered together in a way that speaks to interchangeability.

The restrained color palette allows the brand and product to blend seamlessly into everyday life. 

Quick Access
More Storage


functionality meets style

The Holdland Original is a bag with meticulous attention to detail made with materials that touch and wear beautifully. New features change how you interact with and think of the camera bag. First edition Holdland Original packs launched spring 2019 and are available at holdlandpacks.com

Holdland backpack green logo detail
Holdland backpack green rainshell
Holdland backpack detail interior
Holdland backpack zipper detail
Holdland backpack detail strap logo
Holdland backpack detail waist strap logo
Holdland backpack mountaintop