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Osmo Systems

Osmo Systems: Water Quality Monitoring, Simplified

Brand Identity  |  Industrial Design  |  Digital

Aquaculture  |  Consumer Technology

Developed by Osmo Systems, OsmoBot is the world's first monitor designed for land-based aquaculture that provides real-time and historical water, air, and light quality data for farmers to monitor in one place. 



simple and accessible 

Osmo Systems approached Enlisted to design their brand identity and refine OsmoBot to be the simplest, most accessible brand within the aquaculture industry.


water, air, light

Three waves represent the movement of water at a positive trajectory and the core elements that Osmo Systems measures: water, air, and light.

functional and intuitive 

Enlisted explored various shapes and materials that would suit an industrial environment. Slightly rounded edges and a speckled finish maintain a simple but refined look and feel.

Function was crucial to ensure users would be able to easily install, use, and monitor their systems. A flashing red LED light on the main hub is used to communicate if there are abnormal measurement levels that need to be addressed, while blue indicates all measurements are normal. 

Icons on each sensor were used as a global language to illustrate the function of each sensor.

immersive and cohesive

A unifying UI was designed to communicate alerts and display the history of data to give farmers peace of mind.

"We could not imagine having better design and branding partners than the folks at Enlisted. On both fronts, they took the time to understand our vision and then crafted it into deliverables that knocked our socks off. We are far better positioned to tell our story and fundraise because of their hard work. Our sessions with them ended up being our favorite part of the week. Overall, we could not be happier and we cannot wait to embark on our next project with them!"

Zach Stein Osmo Systems CEO & Cofounder