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Stance Socks Product Shot

Stance: Uncommonly Better

Stance has infiltrated the world of athletes, performers and artists with its sock offerings of unmatched style. Having sold over 40 Million pairs of socks, the upstart brand that turned socks into the most exciting accessory, has expanded into shirts and intimates and has now opened their own retail locations. To meet the demands of growth, and offer a better shopping experience, Enlisted created a strategic, tiered approach to their packaging.


Packaging Design

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Stance Socks Packaging Set Of Three
Stance Boxer Packaging


doing it all in-studio

Stance came to Enlisted needing a global packaging strategy that greatly simplified their existing portfolio, increased shopability, and that was flexible enough to support their growth in offerings. Additionally, they wanted to do this with a mind for environmental stewardship. All on an expedited timeline.

Stance Packaging Process Sketches
Stance Packaging Process Concepts


simplifying the complex

We worked very closely with the Stance team and spearheaded in-depth workshops and iterative design and prototyping. All of the design elements were repeatedly pressure tested so we could ensure an expansive system that would enable growth and customer-friendly merchandising. Our goal was to create a system that Stance’s world-class internal design team could extend effectively on a global scale.

A simplified good/better/best system was developed. Extensive color and information architecture studies ensured that future possibilities and plans were accounted for and that Stance’s brand blue was elevated. New hook and tag designs greatly reduced material waste and extended the visual design language into the physical. The new structural design for underwear packaging allows the shopper to appreciate the fabric design without compromising product security and an engaging unboxing experience.

Stance Socks Packaging Lineup
Stance Boxer Packaging Lineup
Stance Product Packaging Lineup
Stance Packaging Boxer, Socks Lineup


sustainable growth

Stance’s new packaging program is being brought to life in all retail locations globally. Most importantly, the new tags, boxes, hooks, and inks have significantly reduced Stance’s environmental impact. Soy based inks, recycled plastics and paper, water based glue, and an overall reduction in plastic use means significant gains for sustainability.

Stance Boxer Boxer Product Shot
Stance Socks Product Shot Closeup
Stance Socks Product Shot Skirt
Stance Socks Product Shot Closeup Woman
Stance Socks Product Shot Closeup Multiple
Stance Packaging Hanging