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Timeshel: iOS Photo Printing and Archival Made Simple

Timeshel is an iOS photo printing service, designed to make preserving our life stories with printed photographs a simple and beautiful experience.


Brand Identity  |  Packaging Design

iOS Photo Printing


preserving life's best moments

Timeshel approached Enlisted to create a delivery system for monthly photo packages that was elegant and cohesive with their brand. 



simple and durable

Inspired by the excitement of picking up and viewing developed photos, Enlisted designed a proprietary boxed envelope system to keep printed photos safe, easily accessible, and organized. 

We also evolved and refined the brand mark and color palette, delivering on the archival aspects of the brand promise. The new eco-friendly, proprietary packaging system has two sizes to enclose and preserve monthly photo packages of 10 or 30 images. 


return to the physical experience

The outcome is a systematic and elegant solution for those who believe in the power of having memories in print. We continue to work with Timeshel to expand their offerings.