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Linksys Velop

Velop: Wi-Fi That Sets You Free 

Industry veteran Linksys pioneered a new wi-fi system for seamless, multi-node networking, and needed the right brand, packaging, and story for launch. 


Naming  |  Brand Identity  |  Packaging Design

Consumer Technology


a unique home network

Linksys tapped Enlisted to create a new brand that would become a leader in the emerging, complex home networking category. 




breakthrough simplicity

Enlisted envisioned an extensible, differentiated lifestyle brand. Supported by research and a careful review of consumer needs, we developed brand positioning grounded in the concept of freedom. Brand naming, messaging, and visual assets were developed to support and convey the joy of a seamless user experience and the ability to connect effortlessly throughout the home. 

To convey ease of use, the brand name Velop and tagline 'Wi-Fi That Sets You Free' were established as keystones. The brand's high-level messaging and iconography are clear and accessible in their presentation of common use case scenarios.

A unique typographic treatment for the brand ensures that it lives as part of the Linksys family and as a standalone mark.


freedom of expression

The brand visuals and packaging system establish a strong shelf presence and introduce organic vitality and simplicity to a cluttered category. Enlisted's expressive watercolor approach illustrates connectivity and breaking free of walled confines. 



seamless launch

Velop launched January 2017. After completing all packaging files, Enlisted delivered a final kit of guidelines and visual assets to support the development of launch materials for CES 2017.