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Phyn: Your Water Saving Solution

Phyn is the new way of managing your household water use. The Phyn Smart Water Assistant is self-installed and monitors the entire home from one under-the-sink-location. This singular, sleek device with companion app, provides details about all water used throughout the home, and also sends real-time notifications at the first sign of an issue that needs attention—be it a leak or a deep freeze.


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wet behind the ears

Anyone who has dealt with the aftermath of a leaking or frozen pipe knows the value of home water monitoring and real-time alerts. Because DIY home water monitoring is a newer offering, helping people understand the opportunity was our first hurdle. The packaging needed to successfully promote and explain the Phyn Smart Water Assistant in a busy, unaided, home improvement store aisle.

Determining the imagery and messaging for Phyn’s external packaging was fundamental to ensuring an understanding of what the product is and does. We worked to establish a needs-based communication hierarchy with descriptive and punchy headlines, as well as definitive illustrations and concise, straight-talking instructions to inform and intrigue consumers.



walking the talk

Removing the outer sleeve of the package reveals a powerful ocean scene that seamlessly wraps around the inner box. This reminder of the power and purity of water in nature is intended to reinforce the value of responsible water use.

In support of the brand’s conservation ethos, the overall packaging experience for Phyn was developed using a combination of paper-based recyclable and recycled materials.

The molded pulp trays were expertly designed to reduce waste and to secure and present each element of the hardware. Repeated testing and refinements were required to adjust the colors, imagery and text to print effectively on the natural kraft substrate.



supported all the way

DIY and self-install can be overwhelming. It was important that we structure Phyn’s overall unboxing experience to guide users step-by-step. We used copy, as well as physical gating to guide users through a phased install and set-up process. An enforced, phased approaches ensures the consumer undertakes each step with the right tools and support.

The first comprehensive DIY smart water monitor, Phyn, is now available for preorder at Bestbuy.com, Phyn.com and Belkin.com. You’ll also be able to purchase one at select Best Buy stores in the U.S. in late September 2019.